Pastor In-Charge


The message of the Gospel and the prospect of a living and loving God promises many things: hope, joy, peace, significance, transformation, reconciliation – the list goes on. Yet oftentimes our experience of life and the world around us imply a disconnect between what could be and what currently is. That’s where the church’s mission is – bridging that gap between vision and reality.

The church is the agency of God’s love and transforming power – for believers and unbelievers alike. As founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church Bill Hybels puts it, “the local church is the hope of the world.” Wesley Methodist Church, Johor Bahru aims to be that channel of hope, whether it’s through inspiring worship, faithful teaching, compassionate ministry, or warm fellowship. May God empower and guide us all in the task of bringing His glorious Kingdom to a world desperately in need of Him.

In His service,
Rev. Shearn Sya

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