Johor Cerebral Palsy Association Collection(柔佛残障协会)

The Sheltered Workshop at the Johor Cerebral Palsy Association for young adults with different disabilities will be starting a project this year. They need tin/aluminium wrappers/packets to make bags for sale. If you’re able to help with the collection, please wash and dry your used tin/aluminium wrappers/packets, and collect them in bags before donating. These bags are also available for sale for RM 40 (big) and RM 30 (small). Please contact Jean Foo at +6014-9803516 to place an order or for further enquiries.
柔佛残障协会为不同残疾年轻人举办的工作坊将于今年启动。他们需要锡罐/铝纸来制作袋子出售。如果您能够帮助收集,请清洗和晾干使用过的锡罐/铝纸,并在捐赠之前将它们收集在袋子里。这些袋子也有出售40令吉(大)和 30令吉(小);若要下订单请与Jean Foo姐妹(014-9803516)联系以安排送货和进一步咨询。