Youth Connection

– By Mr Calvin Choong,

A place where the young and young at heart connect with one another, make new friends but above all, connect with God.

Housed in JB Wesley Methodist Church, the Youth Connection or YC for short meets every Saturday right after the English service. We will have Lunch together  followed by worship sessions  and a particular activity for the week.

What activity you may ask ?

Well, we’re youths. Vibrant, energetic, cheerful, outgoing, and welcoming! We like having fun but we like to learn too. Among the activities we do on a regular basis are:

  1. Bible study because all play and no work makes jack a dull boy. And  cause we want to learn more about God the Almighty.
  2. Sports outings. From futsal and basketball at the nearby Serene park court to badminton at Tiara Club and bowling at Leisure Mall, we have just the sport you enjoy.
  3. Worship sessions. Our youths play the piano, guitar, electric guitar, bass and the drums. And hey, if you’re interested in picking up an instrument, feel free to approach any of our friendly worship team members.
  4. Movie day. We watch Christian movies and also movies that teach us lessons. (popcorn included)
  5. Visitations. We make visits to orphanages and old folk’s homes to spend time with the residents there to worship with them, play games and to make them feel loved!

Apart from these activities, the Youth Connection has held its very own camps such as the Forgiveness Is Sure Happiness (FISH) camp as well as having conducted Youth Alpha.

We also attend various conferences, seminars and also camps held by our very own Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) Board of Youth Work.  Among the camps are Youth Quake (held every 4 years) and Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) held every year.

So come on down and join us. We will be ever willing to welcome you into our big family of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Connect with us. Connect with God.

God Bless.

The Youth Connection.

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