Wesley Methodist Kindergarten

– By Janice Choong, janicehah@hotmail.com

Wesley Methodist Kindergarten, Johor Bahru (SRJ/354)

Download: Kindergarten Flyer

Established since 1984, the Kindergarten is wholly owned and subsidized by Wesley Methodist Church, Johor Bahru.

At Wesley Methodist Kindergarten Johor Bahru, our mission is :

  • to develop the whole child intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  • to provide enjoyable , meaningful learning experiences within a conducive environment.

We believe learning should be fun and learning through play is essential. The Kindergarten incorporates a holistic and integrated curriculum which complies with the National Pre-School Curriculum Standard by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Each child is very special in his/her own way of learning and their pace of learning varies from each individual. Our teachers who possess passion and love for children will help to nurture each child to his/her fullest potential.

We also believe that parents are important in their children’s learning progress.  We encourage parents to participate in all activities organized by the kindergarten so that the children and their parents can have a special bond.

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