The Alpha Marriage Course

What is the Marriage Course?

The Marriage Course (TMC) is a fun, enriching and very practical course for married couples. The setting of the course encourages the couples to be in each other’s exclusive company, listening together and having private discussions without the need to disclose anything about their relationship to anyone else. Most importantly it provides couples with tools to build a strong and healthy marriage that last a lifetime.

Over eight evenings spent together, you will learn practical tools in:

  • Building Strong Foundations
  • The Art of Communication
  • Resolving conflicts
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • The Impact of Family – past and present
  • Good Sex
  • Love in Action
  • What Makes Marriage Work

Who is it for?

  • TMC is for any married couples
  • who want to enhance and revitalize their marriage and wish to enjoy exclusive time by themselves
  • who are at a challenging stage in their marriage, e.g. the birth of a child, a career change, teenagers at home, the empty nest and want to revitalize their spousal relationship
  • who are struggling with issues in their marriages
  • who want to learn how to be of help to other courting or married couples

The course, whilst based on Christian principles, is very helpful for Christian or non-Christians alike, troubled or stable marriages.

What is Involved?

Every session begins with high-tea. The welcoming and romantic ambience sets the stage for a Video Talk within which period the delightful speakers (Nick and Sila Lee) would provide opportunities for couples to discuss the guided questions presented in the manual. The course culminates in a heartening Couples Night.

A team of support couples are on hand to assist the participants if so required.

What people say about The Marriage Course?

  •  All married couples really MUST go for this! . . . withing just two sessions we are seeing changes in our marriage. (A & DC)
  • We can actually see the glow in the couples who have done TMC and we are waiting to see the same in ours as we continue on in the course. (Anonymous)
  • TMC is an enriching experience! It is simply superb! We are so blessed! (LK & HS)
  • Excellent work by TMC helpers. TMC helped our marriage grow in most remarkable way. (Anonymous, married 6 yrs)
  • TMC is an eye opener. It helped us confront “issues” and not “each other”. (Anonymous, married 25 yrs)

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