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Authentic Discipleship

By Rev. Shearn Sya Christians do not typically have the best reputation among non-Christians, and even among other Christians alike. The worst conflicts often happen within the community of believers, and Christians are often accused of behaving worse than non-Christians. That is ironic, considering that Christians are called to illuminate this world of darkness, and have been tasked to be the most loving people possible. This inconsistency arises from two main issues: 1. a lack of discipleship, and 2. a lack of authenticity. The pursuit of discipleship is simply growing as a follower of Jesus – increasing in the knowledge and experience of God’s will for the world and our own lives, and growing in our faith and relationship with God. What is often missing in many Christians’ lives, however, is authenticity. And so when discipleship is ignored or watered down because of Christians acclimatizing towards socially and culturally accepted patterns of fulfilling mere religious obligations of attending church and going through the motions, we end up with church-goers, and not disciples of Jesus Christ. When a Christian lacks discipleship that is true to how the Bible defines it, they go on to live crippled spiritual lives, far from the desires of God’s heart. And so we pursue authentic discipleship as a church this year. Following Jesus to the extent of loving our enemies, and sacrificing our own rights and desires – many would find it radical – perhaps even repugnant – but it is exceedingly rewarding, both for the church and our own lives. In our pursuit of authentic discipleship, we look to developing the four marks of authentic discipleship in our own lives: Being a worshiper of God Being a student of Word Being a member of body of Christ Being a maker of other disciples