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Prayer Meeting (祷告会)

Our fortnightly prayer meeting is on this coming Wednesday at 8:00pm at the Christian Education Centre. Join us as we intercede for others and bring our petitions before the Lord as one body of Christ. 于来临的星期三(09/05/18)晚上8点正,在教会的会议室进行。欢迎大家参加!

Social Concerns Food Bank Project(社会关怀事工“食物银行”项目)

Our Social Concerns Ministry is working together with Gereja Methodist Iban Skudai and Mega Ria, to support their after-school care program for children from poor families. We seek your support in the form of donated foodstuff to sustain the children in this ministry. Further details will be provided in the coming week. For any enquiries, please contact Chris Lim. Thank you. 本堂的社会关怀部与士古来和Mega Ria伊班卫理公会一起合作,为贫困家庭的儿童提供学后照顾方案。我们寻求您的帮助,以捐赠食品的形式,支持这事工。更多细节将在下周公布。如有任何疑问,请联系Chris Lim弟兄。 谢谢。

Cell Group Ministry Conference 2018(小组培训研讨会2018)

Multiplying Authentic Disciples Organized annually by Canning Garden Methodist Church, this year’s conference will be conducted by Rev. Edmund Chan and his wife, Ps. Ann Chan of the Intentional Discipleship movement. Come and gain insights into discipleship and spiritual multiplication from this Bible expositor and gifted speaker. Date: 22-23rd June 2018 Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh Cost: RM 120 (early bird – register before 04/03/18) Registration forms can be downloaded from 主题:繁衍真正的门徒。这研讨会是由怡保桂和园卫理公会举办,讲员是来自国际门训运动(Intentional Discipleship movement )的Edmund Chan牧师和师母Ann Chan。 日期:2018年6月22日至23日 地点:怡保Kinta Riverfront Hotel&Suites 费用:RM120(在04/03/18之前注册) 注册表格可以此网站下载

The Church’s Vision and Mission(异象和使命)

We are adopting a new vision and mission for the church in line with TRAC’s Vision (Come, Follow, Become like Jesus): Our Vision: Abundant Harvest, Abundant Life. Our Mission: Making Disciple-making Disciples. We have set up a Planning Task Force to come up with a 5 years plan. As the plan is revealed and implemented, let us pray and serve together to make this vision a God-honouring reality! 为教会的异象——“丰盛收割,丰盛生命”,和使命——“门徒栽培门徒”祷告: • 这个异象和使命,不仅仅是口号而已,而是会实现和产生灵命的成长和结出属灵的果实。 • 策划小组将在未来5年,有效的依据此异象和使命去推行事工。 • 教会会一心一意的追求此异象,并忠实地履行这使命。