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Christmas Wish List(圣诞愿望单)

Our church has a yearly tradition of providing opportunities for God’s blessings to be shared with those in need in the form of wish lists that individual members or families in our congregation would take upon themselves to fulfil. Please take this opportunity to be involved in sharing the love of Jesus in this practical way by purchasing the respective gift in the wish list hanging on the tree, wrapping the gifts bought, and leaving them in the church office by the 16th of December, latest. Should you need more clarifications, please ask Nancy Ang. 圣诞节即将到来,圣诞筹备组将会安排愿望卡的活动,以此祝福贫穷和有需要的人士。愿望礼物是根据卡上所注明的而定。我们呼吁每位会友至少能送一件愿望礼,借此机会以实用的方式分享耶稣的爱。请在2018年12月16日(日)之前,将礼物裹好,并交给教会办公室。如有任何疑问,请联络Nancy Ang姐妹(016-771 6007)。谢谢!

Myanmar Evangelistic Event(缅甸福音事工)

Our church is hosting a team from DUMC that would be holding an evangelistic event expecting 600 Myanmar people in JB TOMORROW at 9pm. Much help is needed, especially in the form of transport. If you are able and willing to help out either for the remainder of today or tomorrow, please let Victor Lim know. 百乐镇卫理公会(DUMC)的宣教队将于12月3日(星期一)在本堂举办缅甸福音聚会,估计会有600人数。 他们的策划团队会在聚会的前两天抵达新山,为这聚会做准备和宣传的工作。因此,从1日早上至3日凌晨的这段期间,我们需要志愿者提供汽车载送的协助,到几个地点进行载送。如果您愿意参与,请联络Victor Lim弟兄(016-711 7311)。谢谢!

Methodist Seniors’ Fellowship (MSF) AGM 2018

This year is an election year for the MSF. The MSF AGM will be held on 15th December 2018 (Saturday) at 2pm at the Christian Education Centre. All MSF members are required to attend, so please ensure your availability. Refreshments will be provided after the meeting.

Megah Ria Iban Methodist Church Christmas Fellowship Dinner (伊班卫理公会圣诞团契晚宴)

In support and partnership with Megah Ria Iban Methodist Church, we are encouraging our members to buy tickets to attend their Christmas Fellowship dinner on 15th December at 6:30pm, where sales of tickets would go towards fund raising for their church building fund and general expenses (at a 2:1 ratio) to meet their shortfall of RM 280,000. If you would like to support this by purchasing a dinner ticket at RM100 per person, please let Victor Lim or Ps. Lester know. 本堂支持并协助 Megah Ria伊班卫理公的事工;我们鼓励本堂的会友购买餐券参加他们的圣诞团契晚宴。日期:12月15日(六);时间:傍晚6点;地点:Sin Hui Bin Restaurant, Permas Jaya。餐券的销售将用于筹集建堂基金和一般开支(比例为2:1) 以填补他们28万令吉的短缺经费。每张餐券是100令吉。如果您想支持购买请联络谢牧师或林传道。谢谢!