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NMC Development Fund Raising(努沙再也卫理公会发展基金凑款)

Our daughter church, Nusajaya Methodist Church, is raising the funds needed to renovate its recently developed premises in order to move in. It is currently about RM 150,000 away from the target. Those who would like to contribute may do so with the following bank details: Account Name:         NMC Development Fund Account Number:     37800015456 Bank Address:           Hong Leong Bank ,  Taman Molek ,  Johor Bahru Swift Code:                HLBBMYKL Please note, donations to the NMC Development Fund are not eligible for tax exemption purposes. Please write to if you would like a receipt.   努沙再也卫理公会(NMC)发展基金凑款:努沙再也卫理公会正在筹资装修其新堂,以便能够迁入使用。目前离目标约150千令吉。 如果您想要捐款可以汇款至以下户头: 账户名称:NMC Development Fund 帐号:37800015456 银行:Hong Leong Bank ,Taman Molek, Johor Bahru Swift代码:HLBBMYKL 敬请注意:NMC发展基金捐款是不能扣税的; 如果您想要收据,请电邮给

Johor Cerebral Palsy Association Collection(柔佛残障协会)

The Sheltered Workshop at the Johor Cerebral Palsy Association for young adults with different disabilities will be starting a project next year. They need tin/aluminium wrappers/packets to make bags for sale. If you’re able to help with the collection, please wash and dry your used tin/aluminium wrappers/packets, and collect them in bags before donating. Please check with Jean Foo to arrange delivery and for further enquiries. 柔佛残障协会为不同残疾年轻人举办的工作坊将于明年启动。他们需要锡罐/铝纸来制作袋子出售。如果您能够帮助收集,请清洗和晾干使用过的锡罐/铝纸,并在捐赠之前将它们收集在袋子里。请与Jean Foo姐妹(014-9803516)联系以安排送货和进一步咨询。