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Myanmar Evangelistic Event(缅甸福音事工)

Our church is hosting a team from DUMC that would be holding an evangelistic event expecting 600 Myanmar people in JB TOMORROW at 9pm. Much help is needed, especially in the form of transport. If you are able and willing to help out either for the remainder of today or tomorrow, please let Victor Lim know.
百乐镇卫理公会(DUMC)的宣教队将于12月3日(星期一)在本堂举办缅甸福音聚会,估计会有600人数。 他们的策划团队会在聚会的前两天抵达新山,为这聚会做准备和宣传的工作。因此,从1日早上至3日凌晨的这段期间,我们需要志愿者提供汽车载送的协助,到几个地点进行载送。如果您愿意参与,请联络Victor Lim弟兄(016-711 7311)。谢谢!