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Alpha Day Away (启发营)

All are welcome to join us for the Alpha Day Away on 23rd September. The event would last from 9am to 5pm, and would worship, video talks on the Holy Spirit, discussions, and time of prayer ministry. Come and experience God’s love, joy, and peace in a personal way. The cost is RM 35 per person for lunch and tea breaks. If you are interested, please let Nancy Ang or Yip Yen Ling know by 15th September. 欢迎大家参加9月23日(日)的启发营,这是一个让人体验上帝的爱、喜乐和平安的营会。当天的活动包括敬拜、观看有关圣灵的视频讲座、小组讨论和祷告。地点:Swiss-inn Johor Bahru;时间:早上9点至下午5点。费用:每人35令吉(包括午餐和茶点)。 如果您有兴趣参与,请在9月15日前向林传道报名。