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Alpha Course (启发课程)

Please take note that Alpha Church will commence on 3rd August (Friday) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, including dinner. Let us prepare for this by: a) Thinking through which family members, loved ones, relatives, friends, neighbours, associates, etc. you would be able to reach out to; b) writing down the names of your contacts on the starfish at the back of the sanctuary for compilation and prayer; and c) being ready to invite them for Alpha when it is launched.

请大家注意,2018年的启发课程将在03/8/2018(五)晚上7:30至9:30开跑;这课程也提供晚餐。 让我们通过以下方式为此做好准备:一)仔细思考你能接触并要邀请前来参加此课程的家人、亲朋戚友、邻居、同事等等;二)将他们的名字写在,在招待处的“海星”上,以便为他们祷告; 三)准备好在发布时邀请他们加入启发课程。