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Tabung Harapan Malaysia(大马希望基金)

Tabung Harapan Malaysia

In line with the position of Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) and our Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC), we are encouraged to not just pray for our nation, but also to give to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia as we are able. As such, our church will be designating the offering collected next Saturday (16/06/18) to contribute towards this practical expression of nation building. Please come prepared next week to give generously! Those who would like tax exemptions on their donations are advised to contribute directly to the Ministry of Finance.

三一年议会(TRAC)与马来西亚基督教协进会(Council of Churches of Malaysia)的立场一致——即我们不仅为我们的国家祷告,且要尽我们的能力捐款于大马希望基金。 因此,下星期六(16/06/18)本堂所收取的奉献将全数捐出给大马希望基金。请大家预备慷慨解囊!由于捐赠“大马希望基金”的捐款可以扣除个人税务,倘若弟兄姐妹欲扣税的话,可以以个人的方式捐款给该基金。谢谢!