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Myanmar Evengelistic Event (缅甸福音事工)

We will be hosting a Maynmarese Evangelistic Event organized by Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC)’s missions team on the 22nd of April (Sunday) from 9:30pm to 1:30am. The forward team will be coming two days earlier to set up and publicise the event among the Myanmarese people in Johor Bahru.

As such, over this period of time (20th morning to 22nd midnight) we need volunteers in the form of drivers with cars/vans to assist with transportation for the team and also to possibly ferry people from various pickup points. Volunteers will also be needed to assist on the 22nd itself with logistics, such as traffic control, distribution of food, etc. Small Group (SG) leaders will coordinate among their members. If you do not belong to any SG and would like to volunteer your help in some way, please fill out the form at the table near the entrance. Thank You !

百乐镇卫理公会(DUMC)的宣教队将于 4 月 22 日(星期日)晚上9 点 30 分至凌晨 1 点 30 分在本堂举办缅甸福音聚会。 他们的策划团队会在聚会的前
两天抵达新山,为这聚会做准备和宣传的工作。因此,从 20 日早上至 22 日凌晨的这段期间,我们需要志愿者提供汽车载送的协助,到几个地点进行载送。

我们也需要志愿者协助 22 日的后勤工作,如:指挥交通、预备和分配食物等等。各小组组长将会给予组员分配和协调的工作。如果您不属于任何小组,却希望以某种方式自愿提供帮助,请在招待处索取表格填写。谢谢!