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Cell Group Ministry Conference 2018(小组培训研讨会2018)

Multiplying Authentic Disciples Organized annually by Canning Garden Methodist Church, this year’s conference will be conducted by Rev. Edmund Chan and his wife, Ps. Ann Chan of the Intentional Discipleship movement. Come and gain insights into discipleship and spiritual multiplication from this Bible expositor and gifted speaker. Date: 22-23rd June 2018 Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh Cost: RM 120 (early bird – register before 04/03/18) Registration forms can be downloaded from 主题:繁衍真正的门徒。这研讨会是由怡保桂和园卫理公会举办,讲员是来自国际门训运动(Intentional Discipleship movement )的Edmund Chan牧师和师母Ann Chan。 日期:2018年6月22日至23日 地点:怡保Kinta Riverfront Hotel&Suites 费用:RM120(在04/03/18之前注册) 注册表格可以此网站下载