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The Church’s Vision and Mission(异象和使命)

We are adopting a new vision and mission for the church in line with TRAC’s Vision (Come, Follow, Become like Jesus):

  • Our Vision: Abundant Harvest, Abundant Life.
    Our Mission: Making Disciple-making Disciples.

We have set up a Planning Task Force to come up with a 5 years plan. As the plan is revealed and implemented, let us pray and serve together to make this vision a God-honouring reality!

• 这个异象和使命,不仅仅是口号而已,而是会实现和产生灵命的成长和结出属灵的果实。
• 策划小组将在未来5年,有效的依据此异象和使命去推行事工。
• 教会会一心一意的追求此异象,并忠实地履行这使命。