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Methodist Prayer Convention (MPC) 2018

Once every 4 years, the Methodist family in Malaysia gathers to humble ourselves and seek God’s face together. This year’s MPC will be held from 31st August to 2nd September 2018 at Kingswood Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak. If you are interested, please register with the church office at 07-332 4450/ Please arrange for your own travel and accommodation. Registration closes on 28th April.

Baptism, Confirmation, Membership Classes (洗礼、坚信和入会课程)

We will be beginning baptism, confirmation, and membership classes soon. If you or anyone you know are interested in being baptised, confirmed, or becoming members of this church, please let Rev. Shearn (English) or Ps. Lester (Chinese) know. 欲洗礼和入会的人士请联络林武祥传道,以便报名参加洗礼和入会课程。12岁以上的孩童,如果得到父母的同意,也可接受坚信礼。谢谢!

The Church’s Vision and Mission(异象和使命)

We are adopting a new vision and mission for the church in line with TRAC’s Vision (Come, Follow, Become like Jesus): Our Vision: Abundant Harvest, Abundant Life. Our Mission: Making Disciple-making Disciples. We have set up a Planning Task Force to come up with a 5 years plan. As the plan is revealed and implemented, let us pray and serve together to make this vision a God-honouring reality! 为教会的异象——“丰盛收割,丰盛生命”,和使命——“门徒栽培门徒”祷告: • 这个异象和使命,不仅仅是口号而已,而是会实现和产生灵命的成长和结出属灵的果实。 • 策划小组将在未来5年,有效的依据此异象和使命去推行事工。 • 教会会一心一意的追求此异象,并忠实地履行这使命。